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About Modelmakers Guild of Ireland

           The modelmaking industry is diverse and covers a wide variety of skill sets. Also called modeller or prop maker, modelmakers make elements for film, television and stage and have become an integral part of modern productions. Every film, television and stage production would have its own very specific requirements and modelmakers adapt their skill as required.


The Modelmakers Guild of Ireland is a nonprofit association dedicated to the past, present and future of our profession, promoting excellence in our field worldwide. Our aim, along with the Screen Guilds of Ireland, is to protect the interests of our members and to inspire, teach and preserve the legacy of the modelmaking profession in film and television.

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Officially representing Modelmaking professionals for the Film, TV, Theatre, Events, Architectural, Advertising, Art and Digital industries.

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Together with the Screen Guilds of Ireland:

Representing over 2500 film crew

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